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Care Instructions

KNIGHTEDGE products are designed to offer exceptional durability. Similar to any other piece of fine cutlery, all KNIGHTEDGE blades should be treated with the utmost care to help extend the products’ lifetime. While all our blades are produced using exclusively high quality blade stock, like any metal, they will corrode if not cared for properly. To help protect your KNIGHTEDGE blade from damage, please observe the following guidelines:

After each use, clean foreign substances from the blade and handle using fresh water or a mild detergent solution. Always dry thoroughly before returning the blade to its sheath

To prevent rust, particularly in humid or oceanic climates, wipe the blade regularly with an oil moistened cloth.

Use the product only for its intended purpose. Do not use the blade as a hacksaw, chisel, pry bar, screwdriver or to cut substances for which it was not designed.

For best results, sharpen you knife regularly. Sharpened properly, all KNIGHTEDGE blades will hold a keen edge for long periods of usage. You may use a sharpening steel or ceramic sharpener for light sharpening, or a wet stone for more extensive sharpening. Please consult your local knife dealer for details on knife sharpening products and techniques.



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