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Knives, Swords and more!

KNIGHTEDGE brand edged knives, swords and axes are handcrafted in the USA, incorporating shed North American antler, and supplied with a hand made leather sheath.
The steel used in the fabrication all but the Damascus blades was developed in Germany. It is a special 420 steel with a higher carbon content than stainless, and has been labeled by industry experts as "stain resistant". The combination of carbon and chromium steel, produces excellent edge holding characteristics needed for hard working blades.

North American antler is an extremely stable and water resilient natural material, providing life long strength. Each antler is inspected for durability and performance characteristics and then matched to a specific blade design. The antler must fall into exacting specifications to provide a comfortable feel, provide life long strength and give the handle a functional fit and beautiful appearance.

Sheaths are hand made with tanned and treated leather. It all starts with a large thick raw hide. The quality leather is cut and molded to the finished product to assure a perfect fit. Then the leather is hand sewn using a braid stitch. Finally the leather is treated with harness oil and branded




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