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Hunting and Sporting Knives

Each of the KNIGHTEDGE knives is meticulously handcrafted to capture the essence of a bygone era combining functionality, durability and character. These hunting and sporting knives  have been designed by experts to deliver optimal results. They all feature handles crafted from shed North American deer or elk antler. Each antler is inspected for its durability and performance before it is matched and fitted to a specific blade design. This combination of steel and antler creates unique and individual hunting utility knives steeped in history and beauty!

Sporting knife

Stag Sporting Knife
Designed for detailed, precision cutting. It is just the right size and weight for making sharp, precise cuts in tight areas. Razor sharp to fit the needs of the serious outdoorsman. The blade length is 3-1/2" long. Order number 1009   $138



Hunting Knife

Stag Hunting Knife
An incredible skinner! The bowed blade design allows a smooth flowing cut that takes the pressure off the wrist. The blade has a thick, heavy spine that provides strength, as well as the right amount of flexibility for skinning, gutting and quartering. The blade length is 5" long. Order number 1011   $179



Bowie knife
Stag Bowie Knife
Used by Mountain Men and Horseman to blaze their way through overgrown terrain in a hurry. The blade size says it all! The blade length is 8-1/2" long.
Order number
1015   $227
Limited Three Year Warranty Care Instructions  
bulletMade from 420 satin finish stain resistant steel.
bulletEach knife blade is hand profiled, hand ground, hand forged & hand polished.
bulletEach knife blade is heat treated to a 54-56 rockwell hardness.
bulletAuthentic shed North American deer or elk antler.
bulletEach handle is pinned to the blade tang for safety and durability.
bulletAccompanied with a handmade thick cow hide sheath.
bulletEach knife is a one-of-kind functional piece of art.
bulletMade in USA!


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